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The company understands that it is absolutely essential to be creative and to have continuous innovations, thus offering a wide range of products to convert a house into a Beautiful Home.
The company is engaged in the business, as trader and dealer of Textiles including Cotton, Art Silk, Natural Silk, Readymade Garments, Hosiery, Synthetics Fibre and Mixed Fabrics including decorative hand and Machine–made Garments, carpets, durries, rugs, namdas, blankets, shawls, tweeds ,linens, flannels, bedspreads, quilts, scarfs, belts, tapestry and all other articles of silk, cotton, woollen and worsted materials and all sorts of apparels, dressing materials, maxed, blended products, nylon, polyester, fibre, yarn, hosiery and mixed fabrics, natural silk fabrics and garments. 
We also convert fabrics into suits, trousers and apparels.
We commenced selling and distribution of wide range of above products all over India.
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